About the Artist

liz in studio

I create for the sheer pleasure of creating. I enjoy the whole process – from the initial vision, through making the piece, to the completion. Glass is my medium of choice – I’m fascinated by the brilliant colors and how they interact with light. Its structural nature lends itself to many techniques and effects.

My love affair with glass began in 2003 after a weekend bead making class. Watching glass melt was mesmerizing. Creating jewelry became a natural evolution for me. I have derived much pleasure developing my own technique and style. Every piece is finished with high quality sterling and Argentium silver findings. Made with a touch of germanium, Argentium® Silver is extremely slow to tarnish under most conditions.

As I progressed in the art of jewelry making, I also found myself driven to create larger pieces in glass. Fused glass satisfies that drive. It is a glass working technique that gives me a broader canvas, so to speak, in surface area and depth. It is an entirely different approach to glass than making beads and learning has been a source of joy, challenge, and stimulation. My interest has ranged from simple coasters to more complex pieces.


Over the past several years I have been transitioning from functional pieces to creating imagery in fused glass. This has been a journey all its own. As I develop my skills and focus, I will begin sharing them with you via my page on Facebook (Liz Mitchell Designs) and Instagram #lizmitchellglass.

I work in my home studio near Raleigh, NC and as always, I want my art to bring pleasure and beauty to people’s lives.